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Classroom Management

Create a solid foundation for learning.


Save and view student information.

Every student in Otus has their own Student Profile, where educators and administrators can save and view important information.

Otus partners with Thrively to display a more complete picture of each student and what motivates them to learn.


Support learning at home.

Proactively monitor upcoming assignments and events in the classroom. Otus provides a way for parents and teachers to easily communicate back and forth. This communication is conveniently stored within the platform.

Text messages are the best way to keep in touch these days. You can choose to send messages to parents via text or email.

Take attendance

Role call made easy, in the same tool you use to teach your class.

Create a class layout

Easily customize your classroom with flexible seating charts.

Social emotional learning

Recognize and monitor student behavior and participation.

Post announcements

Keep students and families up to date about the learning occurring in the classrooms.

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