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Build dynamic and effective evaluations of learning.


Many ways to assess student growth.

Create formative and summative assessments using over 60 item types including multiple choice, matching, graphing, annnotating, formulas, and more!

Otus is packed with over 75,000 assessment items and pre-built assessments currently in development.


Old school and new school.

Whether you use a traditional grading scale or one that is standards-based, Otus supports the way you want to track student growth.

Grade assessments instantly

Assessment results are available for review as soon as the assessment is completed.

Set and share district benchmarks

Easily distribute district-level benchmark assessments to students.

Differentiate effectively

Share assessments with small groups of students based on any data gathered in Otus.

Gain unprecedented visibility

Conduct an item analysis of any assessment created in Otus to gain visibility into student results.

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