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Explore aggregated data to tell your district’s story.


Actionable third-party data.

Visualize the results from any third-party assessment provider so that valuable student performance metrics are at your fingertips. Data can be displayed by a single point in time or by showing growth over time and these results can be filtered by site, grade, class and more.


Evaluate student performance.

Examine data behavior data, student performance, or participation by groups or subgroups of students. Track and identify student progress based on standards set by your district.

Explore data trends

Review your data trends and patterns to see if student performance is progressing like it should.

Compare data across sources

Identify if all of your data sources are telling a consistent story. If they are, what is the story? If they aren’t, discuss why there might be differences.

Inform school & district planning

Data can help identify strengths and areas of opportunity for your district. Determine where to focus your efforts in the months and years to come.

Track growth over time

As you implement initiatives, what progress and growth are students demonstrating over time?

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